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We guarantee to donate 20% of all profits from every Happy Pack sold to our chosen charities each year.

We strongly believe that by giving something back we can add to the happiness of others through the work of charitable organisations that we think do amazing things everyday to bring joy and happiness to thousands of people.

We are delighted that our chosen charities until the end of 2017 are:

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Here’s why we chose these?

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We know that every child deserves to have their dreams come true, but for many children who suffer from severe illness the reality is they won’t grow up to experience many of the things so many children will in the way children should. Make-A-Wish Ireland dedicate themselves to making very special dreams come through for some very special sick children. We think they deserve every bit of help we can give them. To find our more about their work just click on their logo above.


We are all going to get there eventually and hopefully your journey through life will be filled with joy and happiness with treasured memories of life, family, children and grand-children. But there are many older people who despite having lived life to the full now find themselves with less company than they would like. A friend to talk to, a place to visit, the company of others or just knowing there is someone who cares. Friends of the Elderly are dedicated to ensuring that older people still have a reason to smile and laugh. To find our more about their work just click on their logo above.

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